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“I cannot speak well enough to be unintelligible.”

- Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

Our Tutor Guarantee to Parents

Our select tutors have demonstrated a passion for teaching either by choosing it as a profession or entering a profession that demands an extensive high level of teaching (postgraduate education, medicine, and music education). The majority of our tutors are Oxford and Cambridge educated and have considerable experience in the subject area that they teach. All of our tutors have been vetted with the relevant documentation and have passed a 1-on-1 interview with one of our Head Tutors. See below for some short profiles of a few of our tutors and our tutor guarantee to you.

  • We Know Them Personally: We personally know all of our tutors and can personally vouch for their commitment, enthusiasm, professionalism and expertise. This means, unlike other agencies, we have personally assessed each of our tutor's teaching abilities. We can therefore hand pick which tutors we believe will be the best fit for you and your child and which ones will be the best tutors to help your child achieve their particular goals. We never mass-market email your request out to all our tutors.
  • Great Academics: All our tutors have attended world-class universities including Oxford and Cambridge and have always achieved top grades through their whole academic and/or professional careers. Nonetheless, our tutors aren't stuck in an intellectual ivory tower, they know what it's like at the coal face and understand how to help their students learn.
  • Extensive Teaching Experience: Many of our tutors are full time or retired teachers from Britain's top schools; our teachers really are second to none and bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the tutoring-table. Our tutors who aren't qualified teachers have all been tutors for years and have a proven track record.
  • Highly Selective: To become a tutor with Wentworth Tutors you don't just need to have a excellent academics and extensive teaching experience. Once potential tutors apply with a CV and cover letter they need to pass our rigorous selection process. We reject well over 90% of all tutors who apply to us. Tutors must have two references (one teaching specific, one academic) and pass a 1-on-1 interview with our Head Tutor, where they need to teach us a mock lesson.
  • Supportive & Collaborative: We stay in regular contact with our tutors and clients and check-in with them every month to make sure everything is going well and if there's anything we can do to help. Our tutors also keep you and their students up to speed and will provide you with regular feedback (like a school report card).
  • Always Looking To Improve: We support our professional tutors, providing educational improvement opportunities and always ask our clients for extensive feedback - so we can be better.
  • DBS Check & Right To Work: All our tutors have the necessary DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) documentation and have the legal right to work in the UK as a sole trader (it is impotant to check this when using a tutor - most foreign students can't legally be self employed tutors).

Selected Profiles of our Tutors

Please see below some example profiles of the Tutors that we represent, which you can filter by subject. If you would like to hear more, you may be interested to read about our tutor selection criteria or to read about Wentworth Tutors' philosophy and approach in a letter to parents from Dr Katherine Wiles, our Founder.

Find Tutors by Subject

Dr Nora Van Der Stelt Private Tutor in London
Nora van der Stelt has a First class PGDip in Performance and BMus from the Royal College of Music in London, and is currently in her final year at medical school. She has been tutoring since 2007 at the Amsterdam Conservatory and as a private tutor in a wide variety of subjects. At age 7, Nora was the youngest ever candidate to win a place at the junior department of the Amsterdam Conservatory. Her unique personal experience of rigorous musical training from a very early age has been invaluable to her current approach in working with young people – whether this be in musical education or tutoring other subjects – as she knows what it takes to get the most out of her pupils in a strict but friendly manner.
Jannis Bulian Private Tutor in London
Jannis has a BSc in Joint Maths and Computer Science from Imperial College London, an MSc in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science from Oxford and he is currently a PhD student in Cambridge. Both at Imperial College and at Cambridge Jannis has been involved with teaching undergraduates as a tutor/supervisor in various courses, several also containing programming and programming in Java. He has also gained experience using Java in a professional context while interning at Google three times.
By day, I work at PA Consulting in the Software and Controls group, where I have built embedded systems, optimising simulations and automated test platforms. I developed his love for computers at an early age, first learning to program at 14. I then followed this interest through a Computer Science degree at the University of Cambridge, before taking it into the world of work. ... See Tom Johnson's tutoring profile
Dr Ryan Buckingham Professional Teacher in London
Ryan is a professional physics teacher at one of Britain's top (London based) schools. Ryan has also been tutoring mathematics and physics for several years. As an undergraduate and PhD researcher, Ryan studied Physics at St Edmund Hall in Oxford University. His PhD was in high energy particle physics and he was part of the ATLAS Collaboration, LHC, CERN (European Centre for Nuclear Research). During his PhD studies he regularly supervised and tutored undergraduates in mathematics and physics. He also completed interviews for Oxford's undergraduate admissions. Between his PhD and becoming a teacher Ryan worked in the city, as a trader in Goldman Sachs' London office. Ryan is a keen sportsman, currently competing in triathlons, but as a school age student Ryan attended Leicester Tiger's U13-U16 Rugby Academy and played for the Leicestershire County Rugby U14-U18 1st XV.
I am entering my fifth year studying Medicine at King's College London, a subject that constantly provides its scholars with evolving learning opportunities and requires a dynamic problem solving ability. My study in Medicine has two sides; I have a large interest in the innermost workings of the human body and find its intricacies fascinating, from hard numbers in physiology and biochemistry to the art of anatomy. On the other hand, I also enjoy the patient-doctor interaction and its cultivation through effective communication and problem resolving skills. I organise a London-wide society interested in the specialty of Sports Medicine with the aim of narrowing the gap between the professional and undergraduate worlds. This aim relies heavily on recruiting valuable speakers and opportunities, whilst coordinating the activities of my society and those of university-based societies. I also sit on the committee of the UK's undergraduate Sports Medicine society. My success through my medical career insofar has been built on utilisation of different learning techniques to understand and confidently apply information. I also embrace techniques such as goal-setting to formulate long term plans for personal and organisational development. I was educated at a state comprehensive in Garston, Watford. Throughout secondary school, I did not enjoy the teaching as I was unable to engage with the material or teachers. I missed out on valuable opportunities and my grades foundered. At GCSE level, however, I had great benefit after I started extra-curricular tuition, an experience that made my learning more accessible and enjoyable. Since then, I have embraced 'learning' as a process to be developed, understood and enjoyed. Throughout medical school I have aided colleagues with their own learning and last year, formally tutored for medical practical exams. Outside of Medicine, I like to do many things! I am a keen sportsman, representing King's College London Cycling team. I play a variety of different sports, and am still keen to throw a rugby ball around. I have an extensive reading list that I am working through, and I like to paint when I have a spare weekend. ... See Rory Heath's tutoring profile
I studied Natural Sciences at Pembroke College, Cambridge graduating with a II.I in my Chemistry Master’s and with a first in my Bachelor’s in Natural Sciences. Throughout my four years at Cambridge University, I was awarded the BP prize for Chemistry as well as three Foundation Scholarship awards. Before Cambridge I attended King’s College School, Wimbledon where I completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma, achieving 45 points. Prior to that, I studied at The Tiffin Girls' School where I went on to achieve straight A* in my GCSE's. Since then, I have tutored Chemistry HL & SL, Biology HL and Maths HL to students attending revision camps as well as privately in person or over Skype. ... See Marta de Andres Crespo's tutoring profile
I graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge in 2012 with a 1st class degree in Natural Sciences and the Cambridge University Physiology Prize for excellence in my written dissertation. Raised in both Princeton, New Jersey and Cambridge, England, I am an expert in the differences between the American and English educational systems as I was accepted as an undergraduate to Harvard, Princeton, MIT, CalTech, and Cambridge. I have been tutoring since 2005 as both a private tutor and in the non-profit sector. ... See Dr Katherine Wiles's tutoring profile
Morwenna Kotz Private Tutor in London
Morwenna is a recent graduate in Modern and Medieval Languages from Trinity College, Cambridge. She has lived in Russia, Italy and France and is fluent in these three languages as well as having a deep knowledge of their culture, literature and history. She is currently enrolled on a Psychology MSc course at the University of East London, where she will be specializing in inter-cultural psychology whilst working as a caseworker for young refugees with the British Red Cross. Morwenna has very broad teaching experience for a variety of different age groups, having taught business English to young entrepreneurs in Turin, English language and literature to foster children at a school in Russia and having worked as a language tutor with young children and high school students in Paris. Her approach is to discover and develop the interests and passions of the children with whom she works. She has found that her love for language and culture is often contagious.
My approach as a tutor is deeply informed by my commitments to writing and the visual arts. With each student, I emphasise close reading, looking, and sustained attention as key tools for critical thought. Having graduated from an American liberal arts college, my teaching expertise spans all humanities subjects and I am an expert in US College applications. ... See Kylie Gilchrist's tutoring profile
Samiha Ismail Private Tutor in London
Samiha Ismail graduated from Keble College, Oxford in 2013 with 1st class degrees in Mathematics and Statistics (BA and MMath) and the Royal Statistical Society Prize for academic performance. Currently, Samiha is pursing a medical degree at King’s College London. Samiha has worked as a private tutor since 2014 and before that she helped university students as a peer mentor. Thus, Samiha’s tutoring experience ranges from primary school, all the way to university level mathematics. Her approach is to build confidence and understanding in her students, so that they have the ability to tackle the analytical problems they come across.
I'm a final year medical student at King's College London and based in Surrey, having done my first three years and intercalated in Psychology at the University of Cambridge. I'm President of the university cycling club and have been tutoring for the last year for Wentworth Tutors. ... See Will Sloper's tutoring profile
My passion for tutoring stems from my own personal experience with understanding the impact that excellent teachers can have on our lives. At Winchester College, the leadership and inspiration of my teachers motivated me to succeed, and is reflected in my consistently strong academic record. Having now graduated with a First Class BA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge and successfully completed an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London, I am keen to share my understanding and passion of the sciences and mathematics with new students. ... See Thomas Evans's tutoring profile
Sinead O-Dwyer Private Tutor in London
Sinead is a graduate medical student at King’s College London, having previously graduated with a first in History from the University of Cambridge. She has experience with Student Community Action, Cambridge, tutoring both arts and science, as well as supporting students with English as a second language. Her approach aims at engaging the student, and encouraging intellectual curiosity as well as a disciplined and directed approach to their own learning.
I'm a Postgraduate Medical Student and Oxford University Graduate with a passion for adventure and learning from every opportunity that life offers! I’m a tutor with a broad academic background who has a particular interest in helping kids who lack academic motivation or generally could do with an extra role model. ... See Marco Marcello's tutoring profile
Dr James Wilper Private Tutor in London
James has over ten years of tutoring and teaching experience. He specialises US exam prep, English literature, reading comprehension, and German language. For the past six years, he has offered private tuition alongside lecturing on undergraduate and postgraduate courses at various universities in and around London. He taught English as a foreign language for two years in Germany before coming to the UK to pursue postgraduate study and research.

James earned his BA from Washburn University, a liberal arts college in the Midwest, in 2005 after studying for two semesters at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria, and completing an internship with the US Department of State at the Consulate General in Frankfurt Germany. James was awarded his doctorate in comparative literature and culture by the University of London in 2013.