Exam Preparation

“Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course.”

- William Shakespeare

Private Tuition

One to one private tuition

We support our students’ exam preparation from beginning to end. With our tried and tested approach we initially provide diagnostic tests and mock exams to gauge current readiness for an exam. Your dedicated tutor will then build a test preparation plan that takes into account a student’s strengths and weaknesses. They will also record student progress using practice test scores, supplemental problem sets, and progress reports. Private one-to-one tuition is the best and most flexible way to ensure your child does the best they possible can in any upcoming exam or university entrance paper or interview.

We have tutors who specialise in the American SAT, ACT, SAT II, ISEE and SSAT exams. In addition, we can provide support for the Advanced Placement syllabus and exams. We recommend at least 30 hours of lessons for the SAT or ACT if a student has no previous exposure to the exams. For ISEE and SSAT we have also partnered an online platform that offers mock exams and diagnostics on student performance. We use this feedback to target and optimise our tutoring to maximise your child's performance on exam day.

Group Classes

Group classes

We offer revision courses with an 8 to 1 student to teacher ratio for intensive preparation before an exam. These courses supplement independent study and private tuition; they should be used as a revision aid rather than a primary resource. Students will be taught high yield material and provided with supplemental handouts. These courses aim to foster the discipline and confidence in a child that returns results come exam day. Please see below for upcoming classes. We mainly offer classes in the US university entrance exams (SAT 1 and SAT II Math) and UK maths exams (A Level Maths and STEP).

Upcoming Classes

Sorry, there are currently no classes on our system.

If the class you are interested in is full or if you are interested in a class not on the list please contact us. We can add you to the waiting list, notify you of the next available class, or design something bespoke for you and your group. We can offer classes in any subject and not just for exam preparation.

Other Classes We Offer


This revision course will intensively cover the critical reading, writing, mathematics, and essay sections of the exam. Particular attention will be paid to mathematics and critical reading as these are the two areas in which students struggle the most. Students will also be provided with revision material.

SAT II Math (Level 1)

This revision course is dedicated to honing the skills of any prospective applicant by addressing all types of questions that can appear on the SAT II exam. It focuses on missing elements from the UK GCSE syllabus and will provide plenty of hands on revision.

SAT II Math (Level 2)

The aim of this revision course is to inspire confidence in students. The course addresses all aspects of this higher-level exam and at a quicker pace. Nevertheless, time will be spent on some of the finer points of the syllabus that are not routinely covered in the UK.

A Level Maths

We offer revision courses in core mathematics, further mathematics, mechanics, and statistics. The course addresses all aspects of the exams but with a particular focus on problem solving. This course is not a substitute for A level classes that would routinely be taught at school but rather is a supplement to fine-tune skills and identify areas of difficulty.

STEP II & III (Maths Cambridge / Warwick Entrance)

The Sixth Term Examination Paper (STEP) is required by the University of Cambridge and the University of Warwick for applicants seeking admission to study mathematics. It is also encouraged by Oxford University, King's College London, Imperial College London, University College London, Bath University, Bristol University, and Loughborough University for students applying to study mathematics. This revision course will ground students in the problem solving of the pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics and probability questions.