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"If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint"

- Edward Hopper

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Why Study History of Art & Architecture?

History of Art Tutoring at with Wentworth Tutors

History of Art and Architecture are enriching subjects for those with a passion for visual culture and the arts. The study of History of Art gives students the opportunity to engage with objects from all over the world, and in doing so, to learn about the periods and places from which they originate.

Architecture is a multifaceted discipline that brings practical skills together with the study of period, style and theory. Concerned with the making of places, the subject gives students the opportunity to consider broad questions about the way human beings live together.

Both subjects allow students to develop skills in critical analysis of the visual. These skills have broad applicability in arts-related professions, as well as more general cultural engagement.

Our History of Art & Architecture Tutors

We have tutors who have taught all ages, at all levels, and to all abilities. That means that they will connect with you as an individual, with your particular learning style and needs. Our tutors have all studied their relevant language at university; most in Oxford, Cambridge or one of the Ivy League Colleges. Some have done or are doing doctorates.

These subjects can also be incredibly fulfilling when introduced at a younger age, or pursed as an extra-curricular. Tutors take advantage of their London location to arrange site-visits to museums and galleries.

History of Art & Architecture Exam Preparation

The kind of support provided by our tutors will depend on the level of study. Our tutors teach these subjects to A Level / high school level, and they can also provide highly specialised support for topics at university level. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Often, students with an interest in these subjects will not have had the opportunity to study them at school, but may wish to apply to study them at university. In these cases, our tutors can provide introductory support as well as more intensive preparation for applications, assessments and interview.

Selected Profiles of our History Of Art & Architecture Tutors

Please see below some example profiles of the History Of Art & Architecture Tutors that we represent. If you would like to hear more, you may be interested to read about our tutor selection criteria or to read about Wentworth Tutors' philosophy and approach in a letter to parents from Dr Katherine Wiles, our Founder. Alternatively, some more History Of Art & Architecture Tutor profiles can be found on our dedicated tutors page, where you can filter by subject.

I graduated from St. John's College, Cambridge in 2016 with a first class degree in History of Art and an MPhil in Early 20th Century British Modernist Painting. I was born and live in London and attended Westminster Under School and Eton College, two of the country's most prestigious and competitive private schools. ...