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Wentworth Tutors often run workshops Hong Kong on UK & US Schools, and UK & US Universities, as well as extension courses for gifted students. Our Summer 2017 workshops are now over, but please email us using the form below to register your interest for our next set of courses.

Wentworth Tutors is an elite private tutoring agency and education consultancy based in London. Founded by Dr Katherine Wiles, an American-British dual national raised in Princeton and Cambridge, Wentworth are highly experienced in helping international students transition into any curriculum at any time.

Hong Kong Workshops by Wentworth Tutors

Wentworth Tutors Hong Kong Workshops
Wentworth Tutors is an elite private tutoring agency based in Central London. We specialises in the UK and US syllabi, helping international families navigate both school and university systems. Wentworth was founded by Dr Katherine Wiles, an American-British dual national raised in Princeton and Cambridge.

Wentworth Tutor's Summer 2017 Hong Kong workshops are now over. Thank you everyone for attending. We ran workshops on UK/British Schools, US/American Schools, UK/British Universities, and US/American Universities.

If you would like to attend future workshops in Hong Kong or organise an private consultation in London or online please contact us to register your interest.

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Register your interest for any of our workshops, book a private consultation, book some private tutoring, or ask us a question using the contact form below. Alternatively, you can simply email us at hong-kong@wentworthtutors.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

About Wentworth Tutors

Wentworth Tutors are one of London's most prestigious tutoring agencies. Our tutors are world-class educators from Oxford, Cambridge, and similar high-calibre institutions. We offer a full range of subject tuition and preparation for UK and US schools and universities. We pride ourselves on excellence in science and mathematics tuition and American (SATs, ACT, and ISEE) and British school and university entrance exams. Our commitment to academic excellence and world-class teaching has helped our students from Hong Kong secure places at UK and US schools and universities. Read more about our approach and philosophy in a letter to parents from our founder Dr Katherine Wiles.

A Letter to parents from our founder, Dr Katherine Wiles

Dear Parent,

Academic excellence is the cornerstone of Wentworth Tutors. We operate under a simple objective: that we find the right tutors to teach our students to an exceptional standard. We pride ourselves in helping our students improve their academic results.

Wentworth Tutors - Premium Tutoring Agency in London

I first started teaching in 2005 as a volunteer teaching underprivileged students to play wind instruments in Trenton, NJ. For the last decade I have taught privately and through nonprofit organisations. What has impressed me the most is that, with the right support, every student has the enthusiasm and interest to reach his or her potential. In today’s world, a rigorous education is an essential resource for any young mind. Fostering a love of learning and an appetite for further study is invaluable. Wentworth Tutors is committed to developing the intellectual and critical curiosity that sustains a lifetime of learning in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Tutoring is a partnership between student, tutor, parent, and agency. With Wentworth Tutors, I wanted to create a business that I as a tutor would want to work for. True excellence in a tutor is a rare combination of intelligence, communication skills, empathy, and creativity. Wentworth Tutors is committed to supporting these select tutors work their magic. We have tutors who are passionate about teaching and together can teach just about anything you can think of. Our tutors will support your child's intellectual development inspiring confidence, communication skills, and curiosity.

Yours Faithfully,

Dr Katherine Wiles

Wentworth's Team in Hong Kong

Dr Katherine Wiles graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge in 2012 with a 1st class degree in Natural Sciences and the Cambridge University Physiology Prize for excellence in her written dissertation. Katherine is also a UK qualified medical doctor. Katherine has been tutoring since 2005 as a private tutor and in the non-profit sector; across both the UK and US systems. Katherine recently spoke in the American School of London's TedX talk about college interview questions.

Raised in both Princeton, New Jersey and Cambrige, England, Katherine is an expert in the differences between the American and English educational systems. She was accepted as an undergraduate to Harvard, Princeton, MIT, CalTech, and Cambridge. Katherine is the daughter of an academic from Oxford and Princeton Universities; she is therefore well versed in the nuances and intricacies of applying to the worlds most prestigious universities.

Please contact us to hear more or to book a session with Katherine. Alternatively, to read more about Katherine see
Dr Katherine Wiles' main tutoring profile.
Scarlett is a graduate of Oxford University, where she studied English Language and Literature, having attended one of England’s most prestigious schools, Brighton College. Scarlett truly is an expert of the UK educational system, being the daughter of a history academic and a medical doctor she has lived and breathed universities and education all her life.

Scarlett has extensive experience teaching a range of ages, both privately part-time and in full time employment as a teacher at Hurstpierpoint College in Britain. Scarlett is an expert in the UK schools and universities sectors having helped numerous students successfully gain entrance to many of Britain's most illustrious private schools at 11 years old (11+), at 13 years old (13+, Common Entrance / Scholarship) and at 16 years old. Scarlett has always ensured that her pupils gain a place at one of their first choice schools, including Eton, Westminster, Winchester, St Paul’s and Wycombe Abbey, as well as helping students gain top results at GCSE, A Level and for the IB. Scarlett also works with students preparing for entrance into the UK’s best Universities, having helped pupils secure places for English and History at Oxford, Cambridge and UCL.

To read more about Scarlett see
Scarlett Maguire's main tutoring profile.