Ivy League College Consulting

Comprising the big names of US Colleges: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, UPenn, and Cornell. Don't forget the excellent alternatives: MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Berkeley, UChicago, Amherst, and Williams.

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US College & Ivy League Consulting

US College & Ivy League Consulting with Wentworth Tutors

We know that applying to College is a daunting time. It can be difficult to know what programmes are strong in particular areas, and how to select the perfect fit. At Wentworth Tutors, we provide a bespoke service to assist families with these difficult decisions and to support them through the process. We provide a complete service: support from the very first attempts to create a College List through to Wait List support and school selection.

Ivy League Consulting at Wentworth Tutors

We have helped many students gain admission to the schools of their choice, in particular the Ivy League. Students from previous years have gone on to attend:

  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University
  • University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business
  • University of Pennsylvania Huntsman Programme
  • Stanford University
  • Cornell University
  • Yale University
  • Chicago University
  • UCLA
  • ... And Many More

Our US College & Ivy League Consulting Services

For American College Consulting, we primarily offer a Junior and Senior Year support programme. For younger students, we offer ad-hoc meetings and examination support for the SAT and ACT and Subject Tests. Our Junior/ Senior programme includes creating a college list, application essay help, and meetings to discuss the differences in systems and examination selection. Additional services can also be arranged.

For those considering applying to the British University system, we offer a programme of support that includes helping to select Universities and an expert interview for Oxford and Cambridge interviews.

Our US College & Ivy League Consulting Team

Our team has accumulated years of knowledge working in College Counselling. Katherine, our former Head Tutor, has extensive experience helping families decide between the British and American systems. Sophia Ohler, our current Head Tutor, has worked in the Harvard Admissions department. Fiona Burke worked as head of US Admissions at St Paul's School, helping British students to attend Colleges in America. Together with our team of readers and application mentors, Katherine, Sophia, and Fiona oversee the College Admissions process.

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Sophia Ohler McCarthy

Sophia is our Head Tutor and is one of our most experienced tutors. She enjoys helping students with their day-to-day schoolwork, but also making sure that the college application process (whether to international or national schools) is not daunting, but rather an opportunity to be able to show their best self. Sophia grew up in the American system and went to Harvard University. In Harvard she worked for the Admissions Office and therefore is a very experienced in advising students who are applying to university in America. She has extensive tutoring experience in the maths, all of the sciences, English, French and Spanish.

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Dr Katherine Wiles

Katherine Wiles graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge in 2012 with a 1st class degree in Natural Sciences and the Cambridge University Physiology Prize for excellence in her written dissertation. Raised in both Princeton, New Jersey and Cambrige, England, Katherine is an expert in the differences between the American and English educational systems as she was accepted as an undergraduate to Harvard, Princeton, MIT, CalTech, and Cambridge. She has been tutoring since 2005 as both a private tutor and in the non-profit sector.

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Dr Fiona Burke

Fiona is a full time Biology teacher in one of London's top independent schools. At her school, she is also a careers and universities counselor and has specialised as an American universities advisor. Fiona received her PhD from the Department of Genetics and Microbiology, Trinity College Dublin. She has been tutoring students at secondary and undergraduate level for eight years and moved to London four years ago to become a full time independent school teacher. Fiona’s pragmatic and positive approach works to equip students with a sense of discipline and confidence.

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Caitlin Rea

Caitlin graduated from Harvard University in May 2015 in Neurobiology and Anthropology. She was recruited to play hockey for Harvard and was the Varsity captain in her final year. She is now studying graduate medicine at King's College London. She worked for the Harvard School of Education as an English teacher in China during her 2015 summer break. She taught kids aged 13-19 who were looking to apply to American schools. She is enthusiastic and enjoys working with Children, helping them grow in confidence and achieve their goals.

Please contact us if you would like to hear more or want to book a session with one of our US college consultants.