Private Tuition

“The merit of all good things lies in their difficulty”

-Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers

Tutoring Options

Home Tutor
(Greater London)

At home after school and holiday tuition in and around London for all subject areas and ability levels.

With our tried and tested approach to tutoring, we ensure that everyone involved (child, parent and tutor) is engaged in the learning process and dedicated to the outcomes.

Group Classes

We provide small group classes (no more than 8 students) run by some of our most experienced tutors in London.

Most of our classes focus on exam preparation. We can design a bespoke class for any of the subjects that we teach. Please contact us with all queries.

Skype Tutor

Through Skype we offer the same service internationally as we offer in and around London.

Wherever you are in the world, you can gain access to some of the highest calibre tutors in the world.

Our Approach to Tutoring

At Wentworth Tutors, we guide you through the learning process through certain key steps:
  1. Initial meeting
    First we meet with you to discuss your educational needs and together agree achievable goals both in the short and long term.
  2. Meet Your Tutor
    The first meeting with a new tutor is very important. The tutor will feedback to us their impressions of the goals set and their interaction with the student. We also value your feedback at this stage regarding the suitability and fit of the tutor.
  3. Continuous Feedback
    Our tutor will submit a monthly report on the student's progress, with reference to the goals set.
  4. Exam Preparation
    If a student is preparing for exams, our tutor will set practice exams and monitor the student’s progress to tailor the tuition further.