Claire Wilkinson - Private Tutor in London

 Claire Wilkinson Private Tutor in London

I'm a graduate medical student at King's College London, having previously studied Biomedical Science as an undergraduate at Imperial College London.
I have taught everything from biology, to javascript, to tap dance, to students of all ages, in all settings. In addition, I've spent time working with children as a nanny, and volunteering at youth and children's groups, both in the UK and abroad.
I am passionate about releasing the potential in every student, with a particular focus on building confidence and nurturing a love of learning.

Subjects I Teach

Biomedical Science
Pre-clinical Medicine

My Education & Qualifications

  • King's College London, 2016Current
    Graduate Entry Medicine (MBBS): Ongoing
  • Imperial College London, 20122015
    Biomedical Science (BSc): 1st

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

Previously, I have taught A level Biology revision classes in a high school. I helped students overcome the challenges of a new curriculum, and was able to inspire them with additional knowledge from my experience in the biomedical world.
I have taught computer coding (javascript) in a group setting to students aged 8-15. I encouraged students to put computational, mathematical and problem-solving skills into practise as they created simple games.
I taught tap dancing at university, and in all-age workshops during my gap year. A very different type of teaching, but one that encourages persistence, discipline and passion - all important for academic subjects too.

My Approach to Tutoring

For me, the most important part of tutoring is building confidence, wherever the student is starting from. I like to get a good understanding of a student's strengths, and where there is room for improvement, encouraging the strengths whilst addressing the aspects that need working on. Sometimes that can be about going over a topic afresh, or other times just practising a skill, such as solving an equation. Where students are preparing for exams, I include some exam questions, to maintain technique. Lastly, I like to find out what a student finds stimulating about a subject, and give some time to nurturing that interest, as enjoyment makes hard work easier.

Fun Facts About Me

I love to dance and have tap danced for almost 20 years. I have recently taken up salsa and swing dance too. A keen singer, I have previously sung in classical choirs and performed in musicals. Having taken a year away from London during my gap year, I have enjoyed returning to all that London has to offer in the way of culture and the arts.