David Wilkinson - Professional Teacher in North London

 David Wilkinson Professional Teacher in North London

I was born and raised in the United Kingdom and won an academic scholarship to Sherborne School at the age of 13. When I was 16 years old my family relocated to the United States, so I completed my secondary education at a competitive high school in the Houston area. After quickly adjusting to the American system, I achieved excellent results in my AP exams and SAT tests and received a place in the prestigious Plan II Honours program at the University of Texas at Austin. I graduated a year early with high honours, a second major in History, and an undergraduate dissertation that was awarded special honours. I have experience tutoring for the SAT exam and experience teaching the American public school curriculum in the humanities. I specialize in preparing UK students wishing to transfer to the US, as well as in History, Government, and Politics at multiple levels including GCSE, A-Level, AP exam, and undergraduate courses.

Subjects I Teach

Athletics Coaching
British History
Comparative Government
Dissertation Proofreading
English Language and Literature
European History
Human Geography
Religious Studies
UK Government and Politics
US College Applications
US Government and Politics
US History
World History

My Education & Qualifications

  • King's College London, 20172018
    War Studies (MA): ongoing
  • University of Texas at Austin, 20132016
    Plan II Honours; History (BA): High Honours

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

I began tutoring during my final year at the University of Texas, where I tutored peers in a wide variety of subjects as an official employee of the university. After graduating I spent 6 months as a freelance tutor in the Houston area preparing students for the SAT exam. During this time I developed an effective coaching method designed to help students identify and address their weaknesses and improve their confidence.

I also spent one year teaching Texas History and Social Studies (history, geography, government, and economics) at the advanced level within the American public school system. I established a relaxed, respectful classroom atmosphere and set high expectations that yielded excellent results. Many of my students loved my class and were very sad to see me leave. During this time I also acted as an Assistant Coach to the Boys Athletics team, where I used my experience as a cross country and marathon runner to coach students in middle and long distance running.

Since returning to the UK, I have tutored students in A Level Government and Politics, GCSE English Language, and the SAT and ACT tests.

My Approach to Tutoring

My tutoring approach seeks to identify a student's weakest areas as quickly as possible then work systematically to improve those areas. My first session with a student will involve a short diagnostic test that I can use to get a sense of where they're at. After this, our sessions will be di-vided into learning key concepts, applying them to rigorous test ques-tions under time pressure, and discussing and practising good exam techniques. The ultimate aim of my tutoring approach is to increase not only a student's ability but also their confidence going into a test; I have found that this plays a huge role in achieving good results. I also work to establish a positive, professional relationship with my student in order to build a supportive, comfortable working environment.

Fun Facts About Me

I am a running and fitness enthusiast and can often be found racing across Hampstead Heath. I also like to keep up with current affairs, read, and watch classic films in my spare time.

My Client Testimonials

  • SAT I
    "[My son] was feeling overwhelmed by time pressure in his exams. David has really built up his confidence and time-management and his scores have risen because of it."
  • SAT I
    "David always arrives promptly and well-prepared. He has an energetic, disciplined manner that has really inspired my son."
  • A Level Government and Politics: Introduction to Political Ideologies
    "Now I've got a much clearer picture of the concepts we covered in class. I definitely feel better going into this set of exams than the last ones."
  • Introduction to English Literature, 1st Year Undergraduate Course
    "This subject has gotten so much easier now that I know how to break down what the question is asking. I didn't like this class at first but now I am kind of enjoying it."
  • Texas History
    "Thank you Mr. Wilkinson for making Texas History so much fun. Me and [my friend] will really miss this class!"
  • Texas History
    "Mr Wilkinson, thank you for teaching me so many things and for making history so interesting."