Edward Smith - Private Tutor in London

Edward Smith Private Tutor in London

I studied mathematics at Trinity College Cambridge; I graduated with a MA (1st) and a MMATH (Distinction); and was a Senior Scholar. Before Cambridge I went to school in Aiglon College, a premium boarding school in Switzerland. I grew up in England and Switzerland, but also lived in Asia and Africa as a child.

I started tutoring and helping other students learn in school and have been tutoring for around 15 years. I have mostly tutored maths and physics from 13+ and Common Entrance all the way up to University degree level. With Wentworth Tutors, I have also helped several students prepare for interviews with Strategy Consultancy firms: for internships, in the graduate milkround and for experienced hire positions. However, when I worked as a strategy consultancy, I also ran general business and technical skills training for groups and in 1-on-1 teaching. As a consultant I regularly helped train colleagues in Excel, programming, and SQL; and even wrote some of the courses.

Prior to co-founding Wentworth Tutors, I worked at OC&C Strategy Consultants, a top tier strategy consultancy, based in London. I am Wentworth Tutors’ business manager – setting the business strategy as well as managing the day to day operation and administration of the business.

Subjects I Teach

My Education & Qualifications

  • University of Cambridge, 20092010
    Mathematics (MMATH): Distinction
  • University of Cambridge, 20062009
    Mathematics (MA): 1st
  • School: Aiglon College
    Aiglon is an elite Swiss boarding school. Grades achieved include: STEP 2 & 3 (1, S); A Levels in Maths (A), Further Maths (A), Physics (A), Philosophy (B); 10 GCSEs. House Captain.

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

I have been tutoring and helping my friends with their homework ever since I was a teenager in school. I now mostly manage Wentworth Tutors' administration department, but my teaching experience is quite broad:

  • Mathematics
    I've tutored maths to under 7s and undergraduate students, in the US and UK syllabi. I studied maths in Cambridge University.
  • Strategy Consultancy Interviews & CV Screening
    Case studies and CVs structuring to ensure you score highly in a potential employer's CV scoring algorithm.
  • Microsoft Excel & Quantitative Business Skills
    At OC&C Strategy Consultants (where I worked prior to starting Wentworth Tutors), I designed and taught several of the Excel and advanced analysis courses (SQL, VBA, etc.).
  • Skiing
    On a more light hearted note, I must have taught half a dozen people to ski from 4 year old's to 40 year old's, from the absolute beginner to those really trying to control their little-toe edge whilst carving over black-run moguls.
  • Sailing
    I also, normally once a year, take several people sailing off the British coast, or in warmer climes. When sailing I can't stop my inner-tutor coming out. I love teaching how to tie a bowline, about marine navigation and the three point fix, and that a sailing boat's sail is, for all intents and purposes, a low-tech version of a 747's wing.

My Approach to Tutoring

One of my favourite methods of ensuring students truly understand a topic is to get them to teach someone else the topic, be that their mum and dad, their friends at school or even me, their tutor. Not only does teaching someone else what you've just learnt repetitively drill the subject back into your own mind, but explaining it out loud and guiding someone else through the learning process is a remarkably good way of ensuring you know it yourself. Indeed Aristotle is attributed to have said "those that know, do; those that understand, teach."

When helping bright students prepare for exams or interviews I invariably get them to first ask themselves: 'what is it that the examiner or interviewer asking me to demonstrate?' This questions and approach is just as applicable to solving a strategy consultancy case study to writing exercises in French as a foreign language at GCSE. Once you are able to break down the problem in the examiner's eyes it's often much easier to do well, you simply go through all the things you know they want or need you to demonstrate; be that how to break down a problem into its constituent logical parts, or in your essay to use a regular and irregular verb in the past, present and future tenses (and dare I say it - use the subjunctive).

Fun Facts About Me

I grew up in Switzerland and raced for the Cambridge University Men's First Ski Team. I also have a Yachtmaster Offshore qualification and am a first mate with Professional Yacht Deliveries, with whom I have delivered several high end yachts around the world (eg: The Solent to Madeira, Norway to Inverness, Malta to Gibraltar, to and from the London Boat Show, etc.).

My Client Testimonials

  • Strategy Consultancy Interviews (McKinsey, BCG, OC&C, and Oliver Wyman Offeree)
    "The biggest hurdle for me was understanding what to expect from the interviews. The mock was extremely realistic and actually harder than all but the final round cases. I was given feedback that helped me to improve immensely. I felt very prepared; a big thank you!"
  • Strategy Consultancy Interviews (LEK Offeree)
    "Ed took me through a structured method with which to approach interviews which really helped me to break the case study problems down: displaying the logical thinking that the interviewers were looking for, and also helping me find interviews much less daunting. I'm certain that Ed's logical, structured preparation (based on his own experience of the industry) played a huge part in me receiving an offer."
  • Business Management
    "May I just say how efficient I have found your organisation to deal with to date? Thank you."
  • Microsoft Excel
    "Whenever anyone has an analysis or Excel problem - we always go and ask Ed... He can do anything in Excel!"

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I grew up in Devon and went to a local Grammar School, where I first started tutoring whilst studying for my A-levels. I went on to study Mathematics at Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating in 2013 with an MA (1st-class) and MMATH (Merit). I was offered a place at Warwick University to study for my PhD, but ended up changing fields. I am now studying Medicine on an accelerated graduate entry program at Barts and the London School of Medicine, graduating in 2018.

Although I've ended my own career in Maths for now I have never lost my passion for the subject, and enjoy continuing this through tutoring. I've worked with students of all abilities, with the bulk of my experience tutoring Maths and Physics at A-level and GCSE standard. I also tutor Biology and Chemistry, drawing on the past two years I have spent studying Medicine. Studying Medicine has enhanced my tutoring ability, as we spend a considerable amount of time developing our communication skills. ...
I recently completed my Natural Sciences degree at Christ's College Cambridge, where for my first two years I read maths, physics, and chemistry. In my final year I received the second highest First in the university in history and philosophy of science. Before Cambridge I went to Oundle School, a private boarding school in Northamptonshire.

After a stint working at the Cabinet Office I am now conducting freelance policy research. My timetable is flexible and essentially self-managed, giving me lots of time to tutor outside of my other work.

I have now been tutoring for over eight years. I primarily teach maths, physics, and chemistry at UK GCSE and A level, but have recently begun more intensive tutoring for the USA ACTs, SATs, and PSATs. ...
I graduated from Cambridge University with a first-class BA and a first-class MSci in Natural Sciences (Physical), specialising in Physics after my first year; in my final (Master's) year I achieved a mark of 80%, finishing in the top 20 of my year. Since university, I have worked for three years as a management consultant in aviation, but am now returning to university (Imperial College London) to study for a Masters in environmental technology.

As part of my degree, I completed a course in Physics Education. I also taught Maths on a voluntary basis during my final year at university and spent a summer in Spain teaching English. Having enjoyed my previous experiences in teaching and mentoring younger colleagues at work, I am excited about the prospect of tutoring in Maths and Physics in London; I still retain a strong interest in the subjects and hope to communicate this interest to students, perhaps encouraging them to pursue a career in science or mathematics! ...
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Dominic Rowland has been a professional teacher in London and at an elite UK boarding school since 2011. Prior to that, he spent a year teaching mathematics in Zambia. Dominic has 10+ years of tutoring experience teaching mathematics at all levels. Dominic regularly prepares school students for the toughest of exams (eg STEP, BMO, IMO) and mentors large cohorts of Oxbridge applicants each year. Dominic holds a double first and a MMath from Trinity College, Cambridge and represented the UK at the Balkan Mathematics Olympiad. Dominic's cheerful and supportive style combined with his enthusiasm inspire his students to excel in mathematics. ...
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I am a Maths graduate from Christ's College, University of Cambridge. I am an analyst in a financial firm in London. I believe in education and have a passion for teaching so I decided to be a Wentworth tutor. I went to a comprehensive school and my school couldn't give me any help for STEP, I understand students' problems at this stage, I would like to help them to prepare and pass STEP exams. ...