Kylie Gilchrist - Private Tutor in London

 Kylie Gilchrist Private Tutor in London

My approach as a tutor is deeply informed by my commitments to writing and the visual arts. With each student, I emphasise close reading, looking, and sustained attention as key tools for critical thought. Having graduated from an American liberal arts college, my teaching expertise spans all humanities subjects and I am an expert in US College applications.

Subjects I Teach

Art History
College choice and readiness
English Language
Film Studies
Interview preparation
Media Studies
Personal essay
Reading comprehension
Religious Studies
Study skills
US College Applications
Writing assistance

My Education & Qualifications

  • Reed College (Portland Or, US), 20082012
    Religious Studies, with concentration in Art History (BA): 1st (3.7 GPA, with honours)

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

To me, education is an ongoing conversation, grounded in sharing strategies and tools for thought.

This approach is deeply informed by my education in an American liberal arts school, where I was broadly trained in subjects across all areas of humanities study. My commitments to teaching were born while serving as a peer writing tutor: helping fellow students unpack difficult texts and develop their voice in writing, I developed a love for the process of learning through shared investigation and dialog.

I continued my teaching practice after university by serving as a private tutor for nearly 5 years. I worked with 9 students 6-18 years in age, teaching a host of different subjects and study skills based on each student's particular needs. Nearly half of these students requested my help with US college applications, fostering my expertise in SAT and ACT exams, essay writing, and general consultation surrounding college readiness and school choice.

My Approach to Tutoring

I approach private instruction as a relationship of mutual inquiry and mentorship. I take literacy-building as my model of teaching, and consider close reading and looking to be the foundation of students' attention, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. With each student, I develop a detailed yet flexible instruction plan that joins concrete knowledge with long-term learning strategies. I consider my teaching successful only if it provides students with the confidence, positive habits of mind, and tools to thrive in their immediate studies and long-term pursuits.

US college applications are challenging for students unfamiliar with the system. As a US College graduate myself, I am always delighted to guide young students through the admissions process. I have particular experience with SAT, ACT, and personal statement writing. With detailed knowledge of the US academic landscape, I can help students craft compelling applications to the schools of their choice.

My Client Testimonials

  • US College Applications
    "Kylie was a remarkable help with Michael's college applications. She approached the process holistically, helping him understand which schools best suited his interests and strengths and how to achieve his goals. Her help with SAT preparation raised his scores by 275 points across the various subjects — after several months of tuition, he approached the test calmly and with success."
  • Writing & US College Applications
    "Katie has always struggled with written expression, so we began working with Kylie as a general writing tutor. She improved rapidly and quickly, and ultimately found a voice in writing. When it came time for her college applications, Kylie helped our daughter craft a strong, unique, and compelling essay that landed her a spot in a school at the top of her list."