Rose Kirby - Private Tutor in West London

 Rose Kirby Private Tutor in West London

After passing the 11+ I attended a Grammar School where I achieved 9 A*s and 2As at GCSE, followed by 4 A*s at A Level in Economics, English Literature, Biology and Religious Studies. I received a First Class degree at the University of Bath in Business Administration and joined McKinsey & Co. as a consultant on graduation.

I am a soon-to-be ICF qualified Life Coach and consequently enjoy coupling my deep and effective understanding of how to achieve the high grades students desire, with a holistic approach to their success as an individual.

Subjects I Teach

My Education & Qualifications

  • University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business, 20142014
    Business Administration (Semester abroad) (BSc ): 1st
  • University of Bath, 20112015
    Business Administration (BSc ): 1st

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

Gymnastics Teacher - 2009-2011
Entrepreneur Business Coach, Kenya - 2015
Consulting Interviews Coach - 2016-Present
Wentworth Tutors - 2017-Present

My Approach to Tutoring

I enjoy getting to know my students as individuals and understanding how they feel about their subjects, their learning and their unique challenges. I have found through both my own learning and teaching others that students do their best when they feel excited about a subject, which leads me to always make sure lessons are fun and something to look forward to - I feel passionate about the subjects I tutor and endeavour to light a similar spark within my students.

I combine this with deconstructing the exams and required exam technique to make it more manageable, and take a rigorous approach to mark schemes to ensure the student is fully equipped. I am passionate about supporting the success of my students, both academically and as confident individuals.

Consulting interview preparation: I currently have a 100% success rate with supporting individuals through consulting interviews at leading firms.

Fun Facts About Me

I love adventurous travel and anything that feels a little scary - from living in rural Kenya for 3 months, to bungee jumping over the River Nile, from canyoning in Sri Lanka to diving with Great White sharks - I'm always looking for something new to try and new stories to tell

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I have always been dedicated to success. In 2015, I graduated from the University of Cambridge with first-class honours in Natural Sciences, and was awarded a number of prestigious prizes for my performance. I then went on to study Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, and was awarded a Distinction for my MSc. More recently, I have moved to London to study law, and will begin my training to be a solicitor in 2018.

During my law studies, I am hoping to fill my free time with tutoring, a pursuit that I really enjoy. Over the past few years I have spent hundreds of hours tutoring, and have loved seeing my pupils become more confident and learn to enjoy their studies. I have also taken part in pro bono tutoring, helping to give less privileged students the same opportunities as those who are more fortunate, and acting as a mentor through their school careers. ...
Caitlin is currently in her final year of Kings college London Graduate medical school. She has been working for Wentworth since 2015 focusing on US school and college admissions. She is a dual (US and UK) citizen who graduated with a BA in Neurobiology and Anthropology from Harvard University in 2015. In Harvard, she worked for Veritas Education for 2 years and travelled to China to work as both a teacher and US college consultant. She also tutored children with Autism throughout college. Researching and teaching children who have learning difficulties is one of her main interests. Before Harvard she completed her GCSE's and A-levels (Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Geography) in the UK. Alongside her final year of A-levels she completed the SAT and SAT II exams and went through the US college application process alongside her UK UCAS application. She is well versed in the various US entrance exams and the US application process. ...
I have experience teaching a range of ages, both privately part-time and in full time employment as a teacher at Hurstpierpoint College, where I worked for a year before starting my degree at Oxford University. I have a particular interest in entrance into the UK's top schools and Universities, teaching 11 plus, Common Entrance, and preparing students for Oxbridge. I am aided by a detailed understanding of UK independent schools as well as experience preparing for the American education system at ISEE and SSAT level in particular. I have delivered private tuition to children between 5 and 20 years. I find tutoring immensely rewarding and particularly enjoy the focused nature of assisting an individual with their academic goals. ...