Sophia Ohler - Private Tutor in London

 Sophia Ohler Private Tutor in London

I'm originally from New York, and have been living in London for a bit over a year now. After graduating from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Creative Writing (Cum Laude), I received my Master's degree from the London Film School. I've been privately tutoring for years, as a peer tutor on Harvard's campus with the Bureau of Study Council, as well as with private agencies. I also have extensive experience as an Admissions Representative in the Harvard Admissions Office. I specialise in the American curriculum and US College Counselling, but know and work with the English curriculum as well.

Subjects I Teach

My Education & Qualifications

  • Harvard University , 20112015
    English (BA): Cum Laude
  • The London Film School, 20152016
    Film (MA):

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

Private Tutoring (Bedford, New York): 2010-2015;
English Teacher (Guadalajara, Mexico): 2011;
Bureau of Study Council Tutor (Harvard University): 2011-2015;
Harvard Admissions Office, Admissions Representative (Harvard University) 2012-2015;
Wentworth Tutors (London, UK): 2015-present

My Approach to Tutoring

As someone who has always loved to learn, I hope to pass on that passion to all of my students. It's important to me to not just teach them the hard facts, but to push them to think deeper and inspire them to want to succeed. I work to develop strong relationships with them that go beyond just the tutor/tutee dynamic; I like to laugh and enjoy the sessions with my students. I hope that I can show them skills that transcend the work we do together, and that they can apply to other subjects or other avenues of life.

Fun Facts About Me

When I'm not tutoring, I actually write for television. Right now I'm working on a comedy sitcom, but I have various projects coming up over the next year. And, of course, all of my students are invited to the Oscars when I finally get there..! Other than writing, I spend most of my time reading and catching up on Game of Thrones.

My Client Testimonials

    "We're very impressed with Sophia, she's lovely and [my daughter] gets on with her very well. Sophia is very inspiring and a good role model for [her]."
  • General Maths and English Comprehension, Year 7
    "Sophia was simply exemplary in her role as a tutor as she not only covered the core reading, comprehension, and math skills [my son] needed to master but also added techniques in increasing his level of confidence and a change of attitude when it comes to problem-solving and answering challenging questions."
  • General, Year 7
    "Thanks to Sophia, my son's overall attitude to learning changed dramatically and since starting his new academic year, his grades in Math and English substantially increased. His attitude is much stronger and is filled with confidence."
  • ISEE
    "[Our daughter] enjoyed very much the sessions she had from you and she gained a good ground. "