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We offer support and advice for Oxford & Cambridge University UCAS applications as well as mock interview practice.

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Oxford & Cambridge Interviews

Oxbridge Interviews at Wentworth Tutors

We know that applying to Oxford or Cambridge is daunting. It can be difficult to know what programmes are strong in particular areas, and how to select the perfect fit. At Wentworth Tutors, we provide a bespoke service to assist families with these difficult decisions and to support them through the process. We have helped students in subjects ranging from Mathematics and Computer Science to English and History. We also help families who are making simultaneous applications to both Oxford or Cambridge and US Universities.

Oxford & Cambridge Interviews with Wentworth Tutors

Example colleges our students have gone on to gain admission at include:

  • Clare College, Cambridge
  • Magdalene College, Cambridge
  • Trinity College, Cambridge
  • St John's College, Cambridge
  • St Catharine's College, Cambridge
  • New College, Oxford
  • Queen's College, Oxford
  • Christ College, Oxford

For those also applying to American Universities, we offer a Junior (Lower 6th or Year 12) and Senior Year (Upper 6th orYear 13) support programme. For younger students, we offer ad-hoc meetings and examination support for the SAT / ACT and Subject Tests. Our Junior and Senior programmes include creating a college list, application essay help, and meetings to discuss the differences in systems and examination selection. Additional services can also be arranged.

Mock Oxford & Cambridge Interviews

Undoubtedly, the most difficult aspect of applying to either Oxford or Cambridge is the interview. We offer an elite service: our tutors have all interviewed for these institutions in the past as lecturers or professors or have a significant track record as a teacher in an elite school sending students to Oxford and Cambridge. We give rigorous and realistic interview preparation as well as extensive feedback.

Our team for Oxford and Cambridge Admissions is led by our Head Tutor, Anna Harrison. Together with academics from around the world, Anna helps to match students with the correct application mentor to help with process. Some example Oxford & Cambridge interviews tutor profiles include:

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Dominic Rowland

Dominic Rowland has been a professional teacher in London and at an elite UK boarding school since 2011. Prior to that, he spent a year teaching mathematics in Zambia. Dominic has 10+ years of tutoring experience teaching mathematics at all levels. Dominic regularly prepares school students for the toughest of exams (eg STEP, BMO, IMO) and mentors large cohorts of Oxbridge applicants each year. Dominic holds a double first and a MMath from Trinity College, Cambridge and represented the UK at the Balkan Mathematics Olympiad. Dominic's cheerful and supportive style combined with his enthusiasm inspire his students to excel in mathematics.

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Dr Ryan Buckingham

Ryan is a professional physics teacher at one of Britain's top (London based) schools. Ryan has also been tutoring mathematics and physics for several years. As an undergraduate and PhD researcher, Ryan studied Physics at St Edmund Hall in Oxford University. His PhD was in high energy particle physics and he was part of the ATLAS Collaboration, LHC, CERN (European Centre for Nuclear Research). During his PhD studies he regularly supervised and tutored undergraduates in mathematics and physics. He also completed interviews for Oxford's undergraduate admissions. Between his PhD and becoming a teacher Ryan worked in the city, as a trader in Goldman Sachs' London office. Ryan is a keen sportsman, currently competing in triathlons, but as a school age student Ryan attended Leicester Tiger's U13-U16 Rugby Academy and played for the Leicestershire County Rugby U14-U18 1st XV.

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Dr Fiona Burke

Fiona is a full time Biology teacher in one of London's top independent schools. At her school, she is also a careers and universities counselor and has specialised as an American universities advisor. Fiona received her PhD from the Department of Genetics and Microbiology, Trinity College Dublin. She has been tutoring students at secondary and undergraduate level for eight years and moved to London four years ago to become a full time independent school teacher. Fiona’s pragmatic and positive approach works to equip students with a sense of discipline and confidence.

Please contact us if you would like to hear more or want to book a session with one of our Oxbridge Applications consultants or have a mock interview.

Selected Oxford & Cambridge Interviews Testimonials

Please see below some example Oxford & Cambridge Interviews Testimonials that we have received. If you would like to hear more, you may be interested to read about our tutor guarantee or to read about Wentworth Tutors' philosophy and approach in a letter to parents from Dr Katherine Wiles, our Founder. Alternatively, some more Oxford & Cambridge Interviews Testimonials can be found on our dedicated testimonials page, where you can filter by subject.

Oxbridge Applications | Elizabeth Bamber

"[My son] continues to be delighted with the sessions being provided by Elizabeth" ... See Elizabeth Bamber's tutoring profile.

Oxbridge Applications | Wentworth Tutors Private Tutoring

"[My son] received an offer from Cambridge (Magdelene), and the time he spent with [the tutor] certainly contributed to the successful outcome of the interview process."

Oxford Final Honour Schools in English Language and Literature | Andrew Dickinson

"Andrew's dissertation (on James Joyce) would be a very strong essay in the Oxford Masters course, and is wholly remarkable coming from an undergraduate." ... See Andrew Dickinson's tutoring profile.

French (A Level) | Emily Fitzell

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for coming out to work with me in Hong Kong. It was really helpful for me, and I enjoyed our lessons as well. I feel I am much more able to discuss and think about the novel thematically and critically now, so thank you for all your help." ... See Emily Fitzell's tutoring profile.

Engineering Tripos at Cambridge Application | Mathew Smith

"We are very grateful for the job that Mathew has done for [our son], especially the diagnostic part of it, as we didn't know that he had significant gaps in his knowledge. We found Mathew very helpful managing the time pressure problem (and that was a main weakness for our son!)" ... See Mathew Smith's tutoring profile.