Rory Heath - Private Tutor in St Albans/London

 Rory Heath Private Tutor in St Albans/London

I am entering my fifth year studying Medicine at King's College London, a subject that constantly provides its scholars with evolving learning opportunities and requires a dynamic problem solving ability. My study in Medicine has two sides; I have a large interest in the innermost workings of the human body and find its intricacies fascinating, from hard numbers in physiology and biochemistry to the art of anatomy. On the other hand, I also enjoy the patient-doctor interaction and its cultivation through effective communication and problem resolving skills. I organise a London-wide society interested in the specialty of Sports Medicine with the aim of narrowing the gap between the professional and undergraduate worlds. This aim relies heavily on recruiting valuable speakers and opportunities, whilst coordinating the activities of my society and those of university-based societies. I also sit on the committee of the UK's undergraduate Sports Medicine society. My success through my medical career insofar has been built on utilisation of different learning techniques to understand and confidently apply information. I also embrace techniques such as goal-setting to formulate long term plans for personal and organisational development. I was educated at a state comprehensive in Garston, Watford. Throughout secondary school, I did not enjoy the teaching as I was unable to engage with the material or teachers. I missed out on valuable opportunities and my grades foundered. At GCSE level, however, I had great benefit after I started extra-curricular tuition, an experience that made my learning more accessible and enjoyable. Since then, I have embraced 'learning' as a process to be developed, understood and enjoyed. Throughout medical school I have aided colleagues with their own learning and last year, formally tutored for medical practical exams. Outside of Medicine, I like to do many things! I am a keen sportsman, representing King's College London Cycling team. I play a variety of different sports, and am still keen to throw a rugby ball around. I have an extensive reading list that I am working through, and I like to paint when I have a spare weekend.

Subjects I Teach

English. 11+: Arithmetic
English. GCSE: Chemistry
Essay Writing and General problem-solving.
Undergraduate level: Preclinical human sciences. A Level: Biology

My Education & Qualifications

  • King's College London, 20162017
    Physiology (iBSc.): Current
  • King's College London, 20122018
    Medicine (MBBS): Current
  • School: Parmiter's School
    State comprehensive, Garston, Watford. A Levels: A* English Literature, A Chemistry, A Biology. Recipient of The Affarka Scholarship for Medicine 2012. Parmiter's Medical Society. Whilst at school I was a confident rugby player, playing as part of the Harlequins Elite Scholarship and representing both regional and county level teams.

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

I collaborate with my medical colleagues on problem solving tasks, with the intention of aiding each member of the group to achieve the required level of knowledge. I understand that each individual has different needs and will respond to different learning approaches. Last year I tutored a fellow medical student in a more junior year, providing content and practice. I helped her prepare for both written and practical exams, tests that she found success in.

My Approach to Tutoring

In the information-heavy and deadline-focused world of Medicine, it is important to maintain a cool head when dealing with fast paced workloads. I want to teach students how to recognise their priorities and the demands set upon them, become aware of long-term and short term goals, and to promote setting of milestones to measure progress. With these tools, I hope I can guide learners to be confident, self sufficient and motivated, providing fundamental skills for future successes.

Fun Facts About Me

Sports! Rugby, running, cycling, swimming, surfing, climbing, hiking, wheels, boards, shoes - you name it, I'd like to do it! Reading! The more things that you read, the more things you will know. The more things you know, the more places you will go! - Dr Seuss. I have an ever growing book list added to by recommendations from friends and family that I aim to work through! Cooking! My mother thought the first step to independence when leaving home is an ability to cook. I am glad she taught and encouraged me; I now have a love of cooking, trying new recipes and invigorating old ones!