Michael Smith - Private Tutor in Surrey and Cambridge

 Michael Smith Private Tutor in Surrey and Cambridge

I am in my first year at university, studying mathematics at the University of Cambridge. In my time at Winchester College, I often helped others when they were struggling with their work for IGCSE or PreU maths and sciences, both my peers and boys in the younger years. I also spent time helping with science lessons in local primary schools. I enjoy helping others to understand difficult concepts in maths and science

I have been selected for the UK team for the International Olympiad in Astronomy and Astrophysics, which takes place in India in December. I have been training for it over the past few months, and will continue to until December. I also reached final selection rounds for both the Chemistry and Biology Olympiad teams.

Over the summers of 2014 and '16, I designed and built this website, and have been webmaster since.

Subjects I Teach

Web Design

My Education & Qualifications

  • University of Cambridge, 20162019
    Mathematics (BA): currently studying
  • School: Winchester College
    One of the top academic public schools in the country. I achieved a Scholarship (Winchester Election) at age 13, and went on to achieve 9 A*s at IGCSE, PreUs in Maths (D1), Further Maths (D1), Physics (D1), Chemistry (D1) and Biology (D2) [D1 = "above A*", D2 = "A*"] and STEP 2 & 3 (S, 1).

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

For the last five years, I have been studying at Winchester College in Hampshire, since I obtained a scholarship there in 2011. I have known that maths and science were my favourites since before I was at Winchester, but it was there that I really got to grow my scientific knowledge and had opportunities to share it with others.

As part of Community Service at school, I visited local primary schools with a group of other scientists to lead fun science lessons for the children there. We covered some topics which they had been learning about at school, as well as interesting, off-curricular sessions to share areas of science with the children that the school could or did not cover.

I also helped other students in my house at school when they were struggling with new or complicated concepts in their work. I enjoy teaching others, as I get to help them to understand the complicated but interesting world of maths and science.

Fun Facts About Me

In my free time I enjoy sailing and distance running, as well as working on my coding (computer programming). I built this website over the summers of 2014 and '16 using Google App Engine in Python. I have been the webmaster for it since.